Who are we?

We are . . .

We are a group of brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are men and women of faith who stand on God’s Word.

We passionately long to protect our pre-born neighbors.

And we believe the time has come to end the modern holocaust of abortion.

Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, over 60 million precious image-bearers of God have been led to the slaughter in our nation alone. Abortion destroys the life of the most innocent and vulnerable among us. Abortion is an assault on God’s glory and it is an attempt to usurp God’s sovereignty. God hates abortion. He hates the shedding of innocent blood. He will not stay His hand of judgment forever on a nation that does not repent of their abomination and rescue the innocent.

Southern Baptists, we have a membership of over 50 million men and women and represent over 47,000 churches. It is time for us to rise up with one collective voice, pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness, pray that He would heal our land, and act now to abolish abortion in our nation without exception or compromise. It’s our day to stand.

Join us.

Read, sign, and share the Southern Baptist Resolution on Abolishing Abortion here.

Read What is Abolitionism?

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