Gravest Threat? Lowest Form of Dishonesty? Or Way of Christ?

This tweet represents the lowest point of dishonesty to which we can descend when we sell out to the crass tone of secular politics instead of following the way of Christ. So begins one of our Southern Baptist Convention president’s latest attacks on abolitionism. Here is the quote from SBC Pastor Dusty Deevers that sparkedContinue reading “Gravest Threat? Lowest Form of Dishonesty? Or Way of Christ?”

Consistently Inconsistent

From a concerned SBC pastor As an apologetics-minded Christ follower, the consistency in the Christian worldview brings me comfort and peace. After all, it is only the Christian worldview that can lay true claim to consistency. This short article is to call not only a brother in Christ (Bart Barber), but also the single mostContinue reading “Consistently Inconsistent”

Keeping up with the SBC Abortion Abolition Debate

Perhaps you are struggling to make heads or tails from the ongoing abortion debate in the Southern Baptist Convention. Here is a reference guide to catch you up to speed. In this post, we do our best to include all of the most relevant information, including a bit of back story. We plan to updateContinue reading “Keeping up with the SBC Abortion Abolition Debate”

Legal Culpability: Questioning the Pragmatic Opposition to the Criminalization of all Parties Guilty of Abortion

The messengers of the SBC meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, June 15-16, 2021 stated “unequivocally that abortion is murder, and that we reject any position that allows for any exceptions to the legal protection of our preborn neighbors, compromises God’s holy standard of justice, or promotes any God-hating partiality.” We also affirmed that “the murder ofContinue reading “Legal Culpability: Questioning the Pragmatic Opposition to the Criminalization of all Parties Guilty of Abortion”

Incremental Regulationism: Man’s Wisdom or True Wisdom?

Recently, Pro-Life apologist Scott Klusendorf leveled another attack at our Resolution on Abolishing Abortion. This attack was published on the Gospel Coalition website on September 23, 2021, titled Saving Some, Standing for All: A Defense of Pro-Life Incrementalism. We believe that Klusendorf’s article relies on man’s wisdom as a counterfeit to true biblical wisdom. WeContinue reading “Incremental Regulationism: Man’s Wisdom or True Wisdom?”

Heavy-hitting SBC Abortion Abolition Resolution Authors Respond to SBC Academics

On June 22nd, an article was published in Public Discourse, titled Why We Opposed an Anti-Abortion Resolution at the Southern Baptist Convention (hereafter referred to simply as “the article” or “the SBC Academics’ critique”). The article bears the names of seven authors, who are all academics in the Southern Baptist Convention and one former presidentContinue reading “Heavy-hitting SBC Abortion Abolition Resolution Authors Respond to SBC Academics”

Mother of Nine Expecting Special Needs Child

Published here without any editing is an example of some of the feedback we were getting regarding our resolution during last week’s SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville: I am the mother of 9 children, bio and adopted, and some of my kids have severe special needs. They depend on me. I am also 21 weeksContinue reading “Mother of Nine Expecting Special Needs Child”

Why Do We Need Another SBC Resolution on Abortion?

by Clay Hall, pastor of Lake City Baptist Church in Grand Rivers, Kentucky By my count, since our first anti-abortion resolution in 1976, our convention of churches has adopted no less than 51 resolutions condemning abortion. Why do we need a 52nd? What can we possibly say that hasn’t already been said? As Southern Baptists,Continue reading “Why Do We Need Another SBC Resolution on Abortion?”

What about Ectopic Pregnancies?

Question: “Can you tell me what the abolitionist’s stance on medically necessary abortions. As a woman who has been in this rare situation, I’m interested to know where this movement falls on that.” It is essential to take the time and honestly consider these critically important matters. There are rare times in a pregnancy whenContinue reading “What about Ectopic Pregnancies?”