Mother of Nine Expecting Special Needs Child

Published here without any editing is an example of some of the feedback we were getting regarding our resolution during last week’s SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville:

I am the mother of 9 children, bio and adopted, and some of my kids have severe special needs. They depend on me. I am also 21 weeks pregnant, my baby has physical abnormalities and an infection of the womb that may be harming he or she’s brain and organs, and my life is in danger. I have several blood clots in my uterus, my placenta is torn, and I hemmorage when I stand up, so I lay down 24/7. I am 41 and my heart is being affected, so now I see a cardiologist and wear an EKG that sends reports to the hospital. Every appointment, I have to fight for my baby. Every appointment, they suggest a “theraputic termination”, and every appointment, I stand strong, alone in the strength of Christ, because they will not allow a support person in my appointments. Watching the SBC messengers vow to vote against abolition due to “life of the mother” and “mainstream pro life” agendas makes me feel like they have left me on the front lines, alone again. It feels like my life and the life of my baby mean very little. I am ashamed of what I am seeing at the SBC. Why won’t my brothers stand with me, willing to give their lives for what Scripture is so clear on? Why are you leaving Christian women like me alone on the battlefield to play word games with politicians? Wake up and stand tall in Christ! Abortion is murder. There are no exceptions that require a slaughterhouse. A true emergency is handled in a hospital, not a butchery, through care of mother and child. Stand with Scripture, and Jesus, and God’s law – which is clear. Please stand with me, when I literally cannot. Say that this means something.

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